Daim ntawv thov

Daim ntawv thov

  • Kws lag luam
    Post lub sij hawm: Jun-02-2017

    Aseptic filtration, clarification filtration and terminal filtration in pharmaceutical industry. Shgorun Co. offers sanitary stainless steel filter housing with filter cartridge to filtration different pharmaceutical products. Typical: Sterile filtration of  LVP and SVP. WFI. Freeze-dried powder. Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Khoom noj khoom haus & haus kev lag luam
    Post lub sij hawm: Tej zaum-05-2017

    Specially for treatment of bottled water or water for food&beverage. Typical: Bottle water Juice Beer / wine Solid-liquid separation Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Tshuaj Kev lag luam
    Post lub sij hawm: Tej zaum-04-2017

    Pre-filtration of high purity chemical reagent Clarification filtration of chemical raw materials, organic solution Chemical catalyst recovery Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Lom Engineering kev lag luam
    Post lub sij hawm: Tej zaum-03-2017

    Sterilizing grade range filter can ensure the quality of fermentation inlet air from compressed air filtration system and prevent batch contamination. Fermentation additions Cell culture medium fermentation air/gas Biological agents Serum and plasma products Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Hauv kev lag luam
    Post lub sij hawm: Tej zaum-02-2017

    Ultra water and EDI water is used for large volumes throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. GORUN filter are widely used for ultra pure water and chemicals filtration. Ultra pure water/EDI equipment chemical raw materials Chemical Plating Organic solvent Nyeem ntxiv »

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